The Cellar Project

We just wrapped shooting for "The Cellar" - a pilot trailer that takes a look at life in the unconventional, ageless, superficial world of retail. Over the next few weeks we'll be editing a 7ish minute project that included a cast of over 50, a crew with the talented Mr. David Garrett in the directing chair, The Grainey Pix team behind the camera, the support of super hip store LASC in West Hollywood, and Sets in the City in Santa Clarita. We'll be taking it out to a few promised networks first but our powerhouse team over at Innovative Artists with Michael Pio at the helm are ready to take it to a few hungry friends all over town. If you want to see pics, let's be friends on facebook and you'll see about 625,000 photos. In a completely unrelated topic, check out retail snobs APPLEMOUTH & COX

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