If you're the pilot... then who's flying the plane!!!

Pilot season has returned to Hollywood and it's got us "hyphenates" running around like crazy. If we're not out pitching and selling the next script, I'm in the audition room wowing 'em in 30 seconds or less. So, as usual, I apologize for not updating the site and have heard your angry emails about it. Now that I'm wrapping up the Pizza Whisperer gig, I can refocus on working in television and film without worrying about representing a brand. My team at Innovative Artists has kicked it into high gear and I'm stoked to be adding the incredible agent Lynn Shue to the arsenal. In the commercial world, I'm very bummed that my long time agent, Kim Muir is leaving Hollywood to teach in Georgia, but I know that her partner Joan Messinger will keep me busy on the commercial side. This week I went out on the new Bosom Buddies pilot, but they're not calling it that, although I believe they should, and have found myself auditioning for several roles named "Mike." I went in on the Mike and Molly pilot last year-- which I didn't get...obviously, and this month I went in on "Big Mike" from Happy Madison - however word on the street is that Big Mike will be the talented Greg Grunberg of more fame than I. Last week I shot an episode of Bucket & Skinner's Epic Adventures on Nickelodeon which premieres soon, I think. I'm episode 6, so I'll keep you updated. We've sold stuff, but can't talk about ANY of it because of Non Disclosure agreements, but I promise you'll be seeing my name in the credits very soon. Last month I played Benny in a film called Driving By Braille, and that one is gonna be good so you'll want to see it when it comes out -- however I also don't know the release date of that. Yes, I suck at marketing, but you'll hear about it. Be a friend on facebook or follow the twitter feed and I'll be sure to keep you in the loop.

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