The Multi-Hyphenate Update

This week I'm shooting an episode for a new show on MTV, tentatively titled "Awkward." I've read a few scripts and this show is gonna be a hit! I'll start playing Uncle Patrick in episode 10, so keep your eyes peeled.

This week I've also embarked on an epic adventure in the indie world of feature films. Over the next several months I'll be shooting a film called "Walking Distance" with filmmaker Abel Gonzalez. It's a surreal, absurd comedy about a hero Pepe (Andrew Ableson) and his sidekick Bucco, played by me, and their unconventional journey. The film takes place over several seasons so we'll be shooting a few days in summer, fall and winter. I'm excited to work with such a dedicated and talented team, and I'll be sure to send updates along the way.

Meanwhile, my recent film Driving By Braille will premiere at several film festivals this year, so start following it on Facebook and don't miss it when it comes to your town!

On the writing front, I've been crafting some stand-up for the lovely Brooke Forbes as the incredible character: Natasha Mail Order Bride who will be hitting the small stage at the comedy clubs this week and the small screen very soon.

My writing partner, and Attorney-For-Free David Garrett has been out saving hollywood's displaced starlets, causing political firestorms with the Alvin Greene documentary, and dealing with his cat, YET, despite it all, we're still creating shows and signing non-disclosure agreements.  I hope we can tell you more soon!

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