What I did on my summer vacation...

Dish Nation hit the airwaves for a test drive in major markets this summer on FOX.  I was a writer, producer and even a co-host on this show.  You can check out the archivable TV episodes here. It was a blast and I'm sure our friends at Fox will find a way to get it back on the air once they make all their syndication deals, but then again, 
I'm not privy to such conversations, so... 
YOU should go here and DEMAND THEY BRING IT BACK! NOW! BOOM!  

If you missed Dish Nation, 
you can still catch me on MTV's Awkward

...and  if you miss that, 
catch me this fall on 

You can check your local listings or IMDB  for TV airdates.

If you only do ONE thing today, 
go here and LIKE  this movie

Get more info and check out a trailer here.  Formerly known as Walking Distance, this thing is gonna be EPIC.


On the writing front, I'm working on a super cool animated feature with my friends at Threshold Entertainment and developing some surreal TV for Natasha and writing stand up for people and writing for the internets, and writing for televisions, and movies and and and...

I've moved to my into my new office at Grainey Pictures and there's no shortage of projects there.  Come down and see me some time.  We'll lunch on Venice Beach and I'll expense it.

If you wanna keep up with the work, 
I'm tweeting 
and if you want to keep up with the family

Thanks for checking in.

All Love,

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